Friday, January 20, 2017

(g) QKJ 20 / Wild Voices? (1.20) b

Wild Voices?

“T’is a good thing Woman filled the feeder yesterday”

Cardinal :
“Man, my brood used to just be me and my wife, now
there are at least four pair of us nesting in the pines”

“Is one feeder enough? Is one feeder enough?”
“Really is one feeder enough?”

Mourning Dove:
“Calm know we all need to take turns
dropping seed for the Squirrels since that baffle
only allows us access.

“Where are the squirrels? Where are the squirrels?”
“Really where are the squirrels?”

“T’is the weather. T’is too cold they are all still nesting.”

“Scatter quick - the Hawk! Scatter!!!”

Mourning Dove:
“He’s gone. You can come back now. At least the Robins
and Blackbirds prefer another yard.”


Write using multiple voices. Write a dialog or a mob scene—...

Thursday, January 19, 2017

(g) QKJ 19/ Aubade; His View? (1.19) b

Aubade; His View?

Thee I leave
Curled in the duvet
Thy own mash hath I made
For parting sustenance keeping
Winter’s chill From thy body at bay
Off to, nay war, yet drudge of work...
Gaining coin to buy thee seed ~

Through the window
At dawn, thou wouldst
Not know that I too delight
Glancing out at the gardens
And the feeder so carefully hung
That thou religiously fills
For friends of feather ~
Just before I leave
To thou I bow my head
As if a feather brushing
Gently as to not wake thee, I place
Thy lips upon thy brow, a kiss
Looking forward to returning
To thine arms at dusk ~


Write sorta aubade-ish-ly.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

(g) Mid January (1.18) b

Mid January

another full grey day
of rain
this winter, warm yet also cold

homemade stew
to warm the soul

once the rain stops its
sky pouring the squirrels hop
among the treetops

creek rises
frolic and play

forecast says amid the
clouds and
mist, the temp will rise, odd weather


Tuesday, January 17, 2017

(g) Twiglet 7/ unholy pessimism? (1.17)

unholy pessimism?
(tau ku, pi ku, haiku)

only some agencies
close on
government holidays - some work.

all schedules
creates conflict

we question what is
normal - to remember well
or shop at a sale


Prompt: a holiday morning

Monday, January 16, 2017

(g) QKJ 16/ life goes on (1.16) b

life goes on
(tanka, pi ku, tau ku, pi ku reverse tanka)

plotting the journey;
excavating the mountains
of one's memories

the trash bin gets filled, the piles
get smaller, like dunes; shifted

looking for
peaceful island

where dreams can come true and
the map
once new, can be lost like treasure

to be found
wisdom seekers

there are reasons to worry
and complain, but few listen

we’ve each had our turn
in turn; been and done, through ‘it’
plotting that journey


Sunday, January 15, 2017

(g) laugh (1.15) b

(tau ku)

waning wolf moon mid dawn
gets a
chin tickle by the back pine tree


Note: the moon is setting later,
in the west. At the beginning of
the month (this one being January)  
the moon would set before there
was any light in the sky.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

(g) QKJ 14/ pen pals (1.14) b

pen pals
(pi ku, tau ku, haiku, tau ku, pi ku)

two bags or
of just paper

old words lined up telling
expressions flowed in ink - by hand

years pass, time changes;
the ink in the jar dries up
ornate pens stay boxed

maybe when dust settles
there will
be room to use fancy paper

scripting word
with Compassion