Saturday, October 1, 2016

BE1 October 2016 b

BE1: compass, encompass

breadth of growth; wonder
wander, explore, reach further
fill, release, expand


As we stretch our bodies, we stretch our mind by opening to all possibilities.

The Breathe Easy Deck by Amy Zerner and Monte Farber
(in no particular order)


Friday, September 30, 2016

Just Karma 201 September 2016 b

Just Karma 201

Adjustments. If it is misty put on a raincoat, take a different
Route. Stop and chat with the neighbors. Even the ones who
are moving out. Walk between the storm that has moved in
for about twenty-four hours. With the wind that knocks over
the same potted plant three times. And knocks off the green
tomato left on the vine on the last day of the month. I suppose
it is time to harvest the rest of the green tomatoes. And maybe
the last of the green peppers that were supposed to be yellow.

almost three miles
most of that indoors; due to
saturating rains


Thursday, September 29, 2016

Just Karma 200 September 2016 b

Ki, Chi, Qi, Stylized form of this character
  Attribution here

The Spirit of the Chinese Character
From the book by Barbara Aria and Russell Eng Gon

Just Karma 200

to have energy
one must move; is five miles
in one day enough

Woken early to assist family; stopped at the one hundred year flood
plain vibrant with wild flowers (surrounded by a circular path). Brief s
top back home before walking to the library, just to see if I could.
On the way home stopped for a bowl of soup before the return journey.
There is always motion in any given day - all toll about five miles plus.

energy to heal
aid in a good night's sleeping
in one day; enough


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Just Karma 199 September 2016 b

Just Karma 199

early sky reveals
geese making a figure eight
flight ...a practice run?

six days into autumn they
announce their presence, “Watch us!”

I stopped, looking up
at their graceful flight, broken
V - amid the blue


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Just Karma 198 September 2016 b

Just Karma 198
Seventy-five Thousand
(Elfje series)

Of steps
Can be achieved
Even without leaving one’s

May be
To not count
Repeated trips up and

Going back
And forth the
Full length of one’s


Monday, September 26, 2016

Just Karma 197 September 2016 b

Just Karma 197
Change of Route/Routine
(Elfje series)

Wound around
My silent throat
Walking briskly to stay

Much dew
Already sniffing, not
Going to get feet

In the
Morning at the
Bottom of the hill;

Barely up
Beyond this dawn;
pink clouds foretell arriving


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Just Karma 196 September 2016 b

Just Karma 196
Continuing Education
(a haibun)

Over the years I have paced my area around my home
attempting to maintain a few gardens, adding some trees
to attract the birds and the bees...

The other day I had a gent walk about with me - helping
To identify that which the wind or animals had gifted me -
that which I did not plant myself...

Virginia Creeper, Honeysuckle, Box Elder, Horsechestnut,
just to name a few and others I’ve already forgotten -
perhaps when he comes back to do some clearing I’ll
make myself a booklet for easy identification, but not
at dusk when the mosquitoes choose to nibble us both!

fascinating tour
right in my own gardens; I
find nature teaches


The Virginia creeper plant, also called American ivy, ampelopsis and woodbine, can cause
a skin rash, according to the Poison Ivy, Oak & Sumac Information Center. The Virginia creeper
plant has sap that contains oxalate crystals, a substance known to cause skin irritation and rash
....Just because it doesn't bother some people, does not mean it's harmless. Although it seems
to affect a small percentage of the population, if you're one of them - watch out! Also attracts Monarch butterflies and Luna moths.